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Acute back pain prevented me from me walking and I tried the Pet peeve herbal ointment and  I can now walk.
Rose N, Nurse Renton, Washington
 The long distance Qigong Session was very effective After the first session , I’m more confident and focused. Anna was very helpful in helping find the right practitioner that could work for me.
Lisa ,Student Florida 
The best way to treat emotional trauma is through the heart.


 In Suwen 19, the Yellow Emperor talks about how qi generates a hundred diseases and how different emotional states affect qi differently. Anger rises the qi, joy relaxes the qi, sadness dissipates the qi, fear moves it down, cold congeals the qi, heat makes it flow, fright disorders the qi, and exhaustion wastes the qi.  

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Classical Chinese Medical Perspective

In Chinese medicine, illness is our body's failure to adapt to challenges, disruption of the overall equilibrium, and a pathogen in our body. Any challenge our body cannot cope with, such as emotional trauma, can cause illness.

 Illness is an uncontainable process of patterns of disharmonious relationships, such that when our bodies are weak and the resources exhausted, multiple factors work together to allow illness.


Qi(vital force) is the medium that links all events with each other, transcending time and space. Sometimes, disharmonious patterns form in our bodies and remain in the body beyond the moment of emergence. When the existing disharmonious pattern reorganizes into a harmonious pattern, the original cause disappears, resulting in a cure and restoring health.

  Emotions (qing)are movements of qi.

 Emotional repression creates a blockage in qi movement which can alter the flow of the body's qi, which inturn disrupts emotional expression, resulting in a vicious cycle. These alterations in the qi movement are the root cause of illness. As energy configurations, emotions express naturally and constructively.


There is no separation between our body, spirit (shen), and mind, such that a disturbance in the spirit (shen) can manifest as a pathology in the body and mind. 

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About Healing

Acumoxa, sound therapy, herbs & qigong



We yearn for compassion and to heal from traumas that we have endured in life ,due to family wounds, trans-generational trauma due to war, slavery, genocide, famine, racism, abuse, or the recent trauma caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Trauma can be physical, emotional, and psychological, resulting in heart-mind disease. Heart-mind problems are deeply entrenched and can affect health on body, mind and spirit level. 

 Exploring the realm of the metaphysical expands awareness on a personal level, allowing engagement in a deeper relationship with our history and past lives. This exploration permits for the psychological procession of traumas, childhood wounds, addictive patterns, relational issues, health imbalances, and psychological blockages as adults re-parent the inner wounded child with a new outlook, increasing the awareness of wounds and the belief system that caused them, this exposes the patterns, avoidant behaviors, and different survival mechanisms.

 One  way to heal trauma in chinese medicine is through the Wang Feng Yi system.

 The Wang Feng Yi system uses human emotions and relationships to understand the root causes of disease. Emotions create a way to clear the path to look within and evaluate ourselves.In this system, we rectify our hearts because the heart permits guidance and alignment to the divine while having a human experience.




Health is the ability of our body to respond appropriately to various challenges while maintaining equilibrium and integrity. when the skin is tight, and blood vessels allow unrestricted motion, sinews are firm, the bones are hard, and the heart, mind, and will are in balance, such that the life forces flow, and the agents of sickness have nowhere to abide, and there is no pathology, then there is health. All the systems and processes in the body are well-integrated. All aspects of the qi movement are in harmony, producing a harmonious function of yin and yang and unifying our body and mind.


         Nourishing life                                                         

Life is an accumulation of qi, while death is its dispersal. We receive primordial qi at birth which we sustain throughout our lives by drawing postnatal qi into the body from the air, food, other people through sexual, emotional, mental, and social interaction. Health is a smooth, harmonious, and active flow of qi named the zheng qi. Zheng qi, also called healthy qi or upright qi, is the overall ability of the body to maintain vitality and protect itself  from the invasion of xie qi (pathogen). There is a constant struggle between zheng qi and Xie qi. If the zheng qi is abundant and free-flowing, the body can fight off pathogens before they can cause damage. 
Due to illness, certain medications, and stress, zheng qi can be strong, slightly weak, or entirely weak. When zheng qi is strong, there is a healthy response such that we are healthy under all circumstances, even when the pathogen is strong. If the Zheng qi is slightly weak and the pathogen is strong, then there is a mild illness. However, when the Zheng qi is weak, the pathogen is strong, and there is severe illness or a fast disease progression. 
  Life is nourished when the body, mind, and spirit are in harmony so that qi flows freely, creating a balanced state in our being and generating an outward radiance as we constantly interact with nature, described in Chinese medicine as a state of great peace (Taiping). 
Qi gong and Tai chi are some of the ways  to cultivate qi and maintain health.


    Our body is an energy field, and healing is multidimensional. A space is created so that other dimensions, co-existing with the physical realm, are invited to become part of the multidimensional healing session. Diseases are believed to  come from the immaterial realm. For example, emotional trauma emerging from the organ systems inside can manifest as structural pathology in the physical body.        

   Group healing 

We are inherently social, with a fundamental need to connect socially in order to survive and thrive. This need is deeply embedded from birth, with a yearning to connect to our caregivers and other relationships throughout our lives. Given the importance of social interactions, it is unsurprising that most psychiatric disorders involve some disruption of normal social behavior. On that note, ceremonial or ritualistic healing offers a way of emotional coping for individuals and communities especially in group healing sessions. As social beings, we are designed to be in relationships; we yearn to be truly seen, accepted, and loved from the deepest core of our existence such that when the relationships are out of order, there is a disconnection and a feeling of a lingering void. This void is then filled with addictions to social media, alcohol, sex, etc.

  In ancient China, shamanic rituals were performed in communal centers to release communal trauma. Rituals or ceremonies create a momentous shift in energetic direction  which is helpful in releasing stuck emotional traumas.  

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1/2 cup fresh grated ginger root

1/2 cup fresh grated horse radish

1medium onion

10 cloves of garlic, crushed or chopped

2 cayenne peppers,chopped

1 lemon, chopped

1 orange chopped

several springs of fresh rosemary or 2tbsp of dried rosemary

2tsp chopped fresh turmeric or 1 tbsp turmeric powder

Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup raw local honey to taste

Prepare all of the ingredients and place them into a quart sized jar

Fill the jar with apple cider vinegar

Use a piece of a natural parchment paper under the lid to keep the vinegar from touching the metal, or a plastic lid if you have one.shake well.

Store in a dark, cool place fora month and remember to shake daily.

After one month, use cheesecloth to strain out the pulp,pouring the vinegar into a clean jar.

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