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Nature, Tradition& Health

We are a customary blend online apothecary, formulating high quality personalized herbal blends. Our blends are tailored to each Individual to give support and enhance over all well being of the whole person.They are uniquely blended to suit each customer’s needs.
Our remedies are formulated by an herbalist trained in herbal sciences and currently studying Oriental medicine; we draw our knowledge from ancient wisdom with a little spunk of scientific research spiced with prayer, love, magic and intuition.
We love to formulate, we make the very best blends that act as preventatives, are not invasive or toxic and are environment friendly.

We live in the world bombarded with pollutants of all sorts; our bodies can only tolerate so much before they break down and cannot function properly. Our remedies can help return the body to a state of natural balance increasing its potential to self-heal and support it in its effort to return to its healthy state.

We celebrate the uniqueness of the human existence with the aim of empowering everyone to live to their full human potential using organic herbs that we grow, buy from select reliable venders, trusted local farmers and wild harvesters


To celebrate the unique human identity while preserving wisdom for the future generations


Healing the world one person at a time

Our Values

We Ensure To Be Authentic

Customer Inspired

Our remedies are original and unique to each customer.


Each of our formula is original. We carefully hand craft each formula.


We source only from trusted firms and formulate with absolute care.


Equip people with knowledge and tools to take charge of their health


We honor and respect life


Though inspired by innovation, we strive to protect the environment and preserve knowledge for the future generation .

Healing the world, one person at a time