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DIOPO is a thriving botanical-based brand with an online store. DIOPO was founded by Dr Anna Athieno (DSOM ) in 2017. After working in health care for a while, she was heartbroken by the lack of solutions to miscellaneous women's conditions and health disparities in psychiatric disorders, which inspired her to seek safer alternatives. Dr. Athieno is a Classical Chinese medical doctor specializing in treating psycho-emotional and chronic illnesses.
Along with over a decade of experience in Western herbalism and formulation,  she obtained a Doctor of Science in Oriental medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland OR. While at the NUNM, she completed mentorships with Dr. Heiner Fruehauf in Classical Chinese Herbalism and Profesor Brandt Stickley. Additionally, she has training in Trauma-informed care, Long distance healing, and Emotional Healing in the Way of Wang Fengyi. Dr Athieno is a mentee of Professor Brandt Stickley and a student of  Shen-Hammer.

She pays homage to the following teachers and mentors: Professor Brandt Stickely, Dr Heiner Fruehauf, Dr Laurie Regan, Christine Pearson,Professor Daniel Silver, Dr. Meiru, Dr.Lee, Brian McMahon, Micheal McMahon, Kendra Dale, Dr. Livingston, Dr.Chen, Dr. Qin, Dr. Vickers, David Berkshire, Bill Frazier,  Master Pikshan Ko, Sarah Hammer, Dr.Heather Zwickey, Dr.Staudat Tamara, Lordanov Micheal, Dean McIntyre Andy, Farahat  Sussana, Harry King, Lisa Tongel, Galvin Paul, Dr. Glowacki

DIOPO launched the PetPeeve product line in 2018, inspired by drudgery jobs to provide fast temporary pain relief. The PetPeeve herbal ointment is a %100 natural full-body massage ointment handcrafted to ensure high quality. PetPeeve herbal ointment is a massage oil and body soak that relieves muscle aches and soreness. 

The PetPeeve Febreeze is a %100 natural spray for a fast, temporary pain relief.

DIOPO is currently in the prelaunch stage for the LaFemme product line. LaFemme celebrates women’s bodies by uplifting their self-esteem. Our product,  GoBraless, is a safer, affordable, non-invasive %100 natural mask powder that lifts, firms, and restores volume, reversing breast ptosis.



Mental health is health care 

Takecharge of your health, health is wealth 

We are disconnected from our true self and nature due to a collective trauma experienced globally in response to the high number of deaths witnessed within a short time, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic's effect is causing emotional repression and detachment from each other's suffering. These repressed emotions cause maladaptive chronic activation of the body and, consequently, mental breakdown.

In addition, we live in a world bombarded with pollutants of all sorts, and our bodies can only tolerate so much before they break down and cannot function properly.

We provide safe, natural, and non-invasive health solutions to help return the body to a state of natural balance by increasing its potential to self-heal and support it in its effort to return to its healthy state.

To empower people to take charge of their health by providing safe, affordable, and non-invasive health solutions from the comfort of their homes


Healing the world one person at a time

Our Values


Respect human dignity


Ethics,transparency and well -intetioned decisions


Cultivate a sense of ownership


People centered


Foster harmony people, communities and nature