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what is Acupuncture ?

     Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into the holes or specific sites on the body.These needles are sometimes combined Moxabuistion . Sometimes Guasha and cupping is also used as for reatment 

IS Acupuncture safe ?

Yes, Acupuncturists are well trained and required to take the Clean Needles Techniques. All needles used are individually packaged , sterile and disposed off after a single use  

Is Acupunture painful?
Usually not but some one may feel adull sensation and a pinch as the needles are inserted, adjustments can be made in case of any discomfort.

what conditions do you treat using Acupunture ?
Acupuncture although mainly used for pain can be used to treat abroad range of health issues including managing chronic illness and promoting general wellness 

why should i should try Acupuncture?
Needling acupuncture points unblock obstructions and regulate a healthy flow through the body re-establishing ahealthy flow through the meridians and hence stimulating the body's natural abilities 


what is Qigong? 
Qigong is an ancient art of Chinese medicine .The healing occurs through balancing Qi 
How does Qigong work ?
A practictioner regulates the clients qi. After treatment a client is given qigong prescriptions to assists to do at home .
what conditions does Qigong treat?Qigong can be used to treat variety of illnesses especially chronic conditions 
In many cases it is used as complimentary medicine 

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