Herbal bath

Herbal bath




Different  herbal blends for full body, hand , foot and sitz baths that can either be directly to the bath, prepared as a tea and added to bath water.

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Weight 0.441 lbs
Dimensions 8.36 × 5.57 × 0.00 in
cold and flue

Clear sinus passages and sooth and relieve chest congestion

Pain relief

Relieve muscle cramps , reduce swelling, ease joint pain… with the foot and hand soak


Ease tension and pain, improve circulation with the hand and foot soaks


Induce and improve sleep with the foot soak.


Use our foot soaks to get rid of toxin in your body

Uplift Spirit

Hand and foot soaks to elevate mood, relax and uplift spirit.

Cold hand and feet

Use the hand and foot soaks to Improve circulation to the hands and feet


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