Spirit Pearls 90 capsules / 500 mg each

Spirit Pearls 90 capsules / 500 mg each


Mental-emotional pathology: anxiety, depression, hysteria,  possession, psychotic states

Insomnia, palpitation, stress

Obssessive compulsive disorder(OCD )



Spirit Pearls is based on the Shanghan lun formulas Suanzaoren Tang (Suanzaoren has been replaced by Lingzhi in this most recent release) and Baihe Huashi San as well as the clinical case histories of the Northern Chinese master physician Dr. Wu Sheng’an, whose approach to difficult and recalcitrant diseases reflects the lineages of the imperial court physician Zhu Mulin and the middle and upper burner teachings of the 18th-century clinician Huang Kunzai. This unique herb combination calms shen and neutralizes anxiety/trauma by stabilizing the yin of the Heart and Lung, opening the orifice of the Heart, and reversing energetic counterflow affecting the chest and head region.

Therapeutic Principles

  • Settle the shen and po spirits; reconnect to the light of consciousness (tong shenming)
  • Soothe the heart and lungs by reversing upward qi flow; calm the spirit by nourishing Heart Blood and Lung yin
  • Ease physical and emotional stress in head and chest areas; regulate brain chemistry and acute states of endocrine imbalance
  • Open the orifice of the Heart by removing phlegm in the upper burner (utilizing herbs that have a specific affinity to the functioning of spirit, heart, and brain)
  • Promote the proper flow of qi and Blood by disinhibiting the “vessel opening” function of the Lung

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 3 capsules
Servings per contains: 30
Amount per serving: 1500mg
* % Daily value not establishedOther ingredients: Bentonite clay, vegetable capsule


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